Wedding Flowers

Choosing flowers that are ‘in season’ is no longer essential. Many fresh flowers can now be imported from other parts of the world or even grown locally here in the UK in greenhouses.

However, flowers that are ‘in season’ will undoubtedly be cheaper than their out of season counterparts and using them will also leave a much smaller carbon footprint. So, if you want to do your bit for both the planet and your wedding budget, why not take a look at the season flowers in this article and choose your blooms accordingly.


Amaryllis Apple Blossom
Azalea Bluebell
Camelia Carnation
Clematis Crocus
Chrysanthemum Daffodil
Daisy Freesia
Gladioli Heather
 Honeysuckle Iris
 Jasmine  Lilac
 Lily  Orchid
 Primrose Rhododendron
Tulip Waxflower



Aster Azalea
Carnation Cornflower
Chrysanthemum Delphinium
Daisy Freesia
Fuschia Gladioli
Hollyhock Heather
Iris Jasmine
Larkspur Lilac
Lily-of-the-Valley Lupin
Marigold Orchid
Peony Rose
Rhododendron Sweatpea
Sweet William Tiger Lily



Chrysanthemum Daisy
Dahlia Freesia
Gladioli Gypsophila
Hydrangea Iris
Lily Morning Glory
Orchid Rose



Carnation Chrysanthemum
Freesia Gypsophila
Holly Iris
Lily Orchid
Rose Snowdrop

Choosing that all important Dress.

Choosing your wedding gown can be fun, somewhat frustrating, or somewhere in between.

Take time to look at different bridal dresses by browsing through several Bridal magazines, get a feel for what the current styles are and decide whether you’d like to go the traditional route or go for a more modern or unique gown.

Compile a collection of photos to work with, and if you find something you particularly love you can look online to see if the gown is available at a local retailer.

TIP: When you’re ready to start trying dresses on, you might feel more comfortable having your best friend or a family member with you. A second pair of eyes and some moral support can help tremendously. You can also ask your Brunet Huntingford wedding planners to accompany you for her professional and impartial opinion. You should also consider how the dress choice will fit into your overall design giving you that extra WOW factor!

Don’t forget those all important accessories like shoes, tiara, jewellery, veil that will compliment that perfect dress.

 Take your time and try as many dresses as you like.

Honeymoon Tips For an Inexpensive Yet Wonderful Honeymoon

Who told you that a luxurious Caribbean cruise or a trip in Europe with all the works makes for a perfect honeymoon vacation? The most important thing about your honeymoon is that it should allow for ample quiet, relaxing, and romantic time with your partner.

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The Best Honeymoon Destinations – Discover Great Romantic Hotspots

Are you looking for the best honeymoon destinations? There are many to choose from all over the world.

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The Perfect Outdoor Wedding – 3 Tips for Bliss in the Sunshine

An outdoor wedding is truly romantic. But weather can threaten your bliss, even if you live in an area that normally has perfect conditions. Here are three tips that you can use to make sure you stay in control of your wedding day, and not the weather.

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Practical Tips On Choosing The Right Location For Your Wedding

A wedding is always a family affair or one that expects the presence of people close to us. It is to be considered in planning your wedding to think of the people who will be with you on that special day. Of course, the bride and the groom are the prime focus here but the guests are equally important. The wedding site must be well-chosen to make everyone comfortable and have joy with you on that memorable day. In choosing your site, here are some practical tips on choosing the right location for your wedding.

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How to Know Which Wedding Dress Best Fits Your Silhouette, Shape and Size

By Donald Clifton

Looking for your wedding gown can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re new to the whole process. Making a decision will be much easier after you become familiar with the four silhouettes of wedding dresses and which silhouette will look the most flattering on your figure. Wearing the right silhouette for your body type can draw attention to your best features and can also minimize those features you’re wanting to minimize.

BALL GOWN: The ball gown has a form-fitting bodice with a full skirt. It is the “Cinderella” look. Ball gowns are considered to be what brides would call a traditional look of all bridal dress silhouettes.

Basque waist ball gown features a fitted bodice with an elongated V-shape beneath and at the front and center of the waistline. This style minimizes the width of the dress at the waist.

Natural waist ball gown has it’s waistline at the “natural waist – usually about half way between the ribcage and the at the narrowest part.

Asymmetrical waist ball gown features a a waistline that goes more at a diagonal at the waist from one side of the dress to the other side.

Dropped waist ball gown starts a few inches below the belly button. This style elongates the look of the torso and is very popular right now, with many choices of length of the drop of the waist itself.

SHEATH CUT: The sheath cut follows the conture of the body. Since the dress is so form fitting it will have a slit in the front, side or back to make easier to walk.

Trumpet style cuts are sheaths that are flared at the bottom so they don’t need a slit to walk.

A-LINE: A-Line or Princess cut gowns have an A-shape that is created by vertical seams running from the shoulders to a flared skirt. They are characterized by their narrow-at-the-top, then wider at the bottom shape. This style is designed to elongate the lines of the body, with the illusion of length. This style has no specifically designed waistline.. The silhouette can look good with many different designs elements – belts, bands and sashes, etc.

EMPIRE WAIST: The empire waist dress has a seam that starts just under the bustline that falls into a sheath. The skirt actually begins just above the natural waistline. This cut is especially flattering to brides who have tummy issues or may be expecting.

Here are some general suggestions to consider when trying on these silhouettes based on your {silhouette / shape|body type]. Since body silhouettes and sizes can vary a large amount tremendously these are only generalized recommendations. You may still want to try on various silhouettes to decide what fits you best and which style you feel the prettiest in. There is no-one-size-fits-all, so talk with your bridal consultant about what style and fit is best for you.

HOUR GLASS FIGURE – small waist with larger hips and a full bust. Best choice is the Princess cut with a scoop-neck or v-neck. Avoid an Empire waist which will hide your figure and look disproportional.

SHORT WAISTED AND PETITE – Again the Princess cut is best because it elongates the short waist and lengthens the appearance of the torso. Avoid a Sheath cut which will make you look shorter and “stubbier”your short waist more obvious.

LONG WAIST – Best would be a Basque waist ball gown which will give you the appearance of a shorter waistline. Avoid a Princess cut because it will make your waist look even longer than it is.

BOXY – undefined waistline – you tend to look more straight from your shoulders to your hips. An Empire waist gown will help to de-emphasize your waistline and make you look thinner. A diagonal ruched bodice will also help draw the eye across the body to combat the natural vertical body lines. Avoid a Princess cut or a Sheath which both draw too much attention to your middle.

PEAR SHAPPED – small bustline, average waist, larger hips. Choose a gown that emphasizes the top and puts less emphasis on the bottom. Actually, the style of the dress is less important than the neckline. Choosing a gown with an off-the-shoulder neckline or cap sleeves will flatter your shoulders and chest while drawing focus away from your hips. Avoid a Sheath style because it will be more unflattering, but remember the neckline is most important so avoid a V-neck which draws the eyes and focus down.

FULL FIGURE – A ball gown is full and will hide many figure problems. Choosing a style with a ruched or wrapped waist will also look better.

The four silhouettes (ball gown, empire, princess cut and sheath) all create varying visual effects on different body types. If you haven’t tried wedding dresses on before, ask your consultant to help. It’s your wedding and you are the one to make the final decision on which of the styles / silhouettes looks best on you.

Have an enjoyable experience deciding your bridal dress. Our staff is trained to help make sure you do just that.

Our store is located in Spokane Washington or visit us online at:

If we can help you after the wedding with your wedding dress preservation visit our site at

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Wedding Dresses in 2010 – Great New Looks For Every Bride

By Suzanna Hardaway

Wedding dresses in 2010 seem to be running the gamut from sexy and slinky to “belle of the ball” as brides of all ages seek to fulfill their wildest fantasies and girlhood dreams. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any one trend, other than to have fun, and no right or wrong when it comes to style and statement.

Although anything sexy, silky and sultry is expected to provide a lot of heat this year, those desiring to be “goddesses” can find an assortment of Grecian style gowns by designers such as Manuel Mota, August Jones and Lambert Creations. These feature flowing materials and high waists are suitable for slim brides with less on top. While more endowed women looking to show off their cleavage while placing less emphasis on their legs can relive the antebellum South in gorgeous ball gowns designed by Ian Stuart, Sottero & Midgley or Maureen Myring Kesterton The only problem here, however, is you may need all your bridesmaids to help “squish” you into them. Though getting out of them, can create a whole other kind of fantasy.

1950′s glamour is also making a big comeback with both ultra tight “mermaid” gowns with broad skirt tails by Ellis Bridals and Benjamin Roberts, as well as belted dresses in a variety of hemlines from all around floor-length to short in front, long in back creations offered by top designers such as Suzanne Ermann and Sarah Danielle. Still, brides in this era may even find that the perfect dress is the one worn by their grandmothers.

In addition, tea-length dresses are another 1950′s inspired look ideal for petite brides interested in less formal, fun afternoon weddings, while mini dresses are one of the “hottest” trends this year, ideal for the somewhat “funky” bride who wants a different more free type of dress to wear at the reception so she can dance the night away.

In fact, fun and color seem to be what most women are looking for in 2010, with lots of women choosing to forgo traditional white for gowns in lavender, blue, pink and green, as well as a touch of black. Metallic fabrics are also finding their way to the altar along with lace and tiered ruffles from the waist to the floor, sassy sashes, lots of beading, feathers and oodles of decorative flower accents, as more and more brides-to-be are saying “I do” to the various lines of asymmetrical hemlines and necklines seen on all the runways now, as well as showing a preference for one shoulder fashions instead of last year’s strapless looks.

Are you looking for great wedding dresses 2010? Be sure to visit my site to learn about the new line of Vera Wang wedding dresses and many more styles.

Article Source:—Great-New-Looks-For-Every-Bride&id=4668217

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