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Wedding Flowers

Choosing flowers that are ‘in season’ is no longer essential. Many fresh flowers can now be imported from other parts of the world or even grown locally here in the UK in greenhouses.

However, flowers that are ‘in season’ will undoubtedly be cheaper than their out of season counterparts and using them will also leave a much smaller carbon footprint. So, if you want to do your bit for both the planet and your wedding budget, why not take a look at the season flowers in this article and choose your blooms accordingly.


Amaryllis Apple Blossom
Azalea Bluebell
Camelia Carnation
Clematis Crocus
Chrysanthemum Daffodil
Daisy Freesia
Gladioli Heather
 Honeysuckle Iris
 Jasmine  Lilac
 Lily  Orchid
 Primrose Rhododendron
Tulip Waxflower



Aster Azalea
Carnation Cornflower
Chrysanthemum Delphinium
Daisy Freesia
Fuschia Gladioli
Hollyhock Heather
Iris Jasmine
Larkspur Lilac
Lily-of-the-Valley Lupin
Marigold Orchid
Peony Rose
Rhododendron Sweatpea
Sweet William Tiger Lily



Chrysanthemum Daisy
Dahlia Freesia
Gladioli Gypsophila
Hydrangea Iris
Lily Morning Glory
Orchid Rose



Carnation Chrysanthemum
Freesia Gypsophila
Holly Iris
Lily Orchid
Rose Snowdrop

The Perfect Outdoor Wedding – 3 Tips for Bliss in the Sunshine

An outdoor wedding is truly romantic. But weather can threaten your bliss, even if you live in an area that normally has perfect conditions. Here are three tips that you can use to make sure you stay in control of your wedding day, and not the weather.

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Practical Tips On Choosing The Right Location For Your Wedding

A wedding is always a family affair or one that expects the presence of people close to us. It is to be considered in planning your wedding to think of the people who will be with you on that special day. Of course, the bride and the groom are the prime focus here but the guests are equally important. The wedding site must be well-chosen to make everyone comfortable and have joy with you on that memorable day. In choosing your site, here are some practical tips on choosing the right location for your wedding.

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