Choosing that all important Dress.

Choosing your wedding gown can be fun, somewhat frustrating, or somewhere in between.

Take time to look at different bridal dresses by browsing through several Bridal magazines, get a feel for what the current styles are and decide whether you’d like to go the traditional route or go for a more modern or unique gown.

Compile a collection of photos to work with, and if you find something you particularly love you can look online to see if the gown is available at a local retailer.

TIP: When you’re ready to start trying dresses on, you might feel more comfortable having your best friend or a family member with you. A second pair of eyes and some moral support can help tremendously. You can also ask your Brunet Huntingford wedding planners to accompany you for her professional and impartial opinion. You should also consider how the dress choice will fit into your overall design giving you that extra WOW factor!

Don’t forget those all important accessories like shoes, tiara, jewellery, veil that will compliment that perfect dress.

 Take your time and try as many dresses as you like.

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