Practical Tips On Choosing The Right Location For Your Wedding

By Greg Pierce

A wedding is always a family affair or one that expects the presence of people close to us. It is to be considered in planning your wedding to think of the people who will be with you on that special day. Of course, the bride and the groom are the prime focus here but the guests are equally important. The wedding site must be well-chosen to make everyone comfortable and have joy with you on that memorable day. In choosing your site, here are some practical tips on choosing the right location for your wedding.

1. Determine the location’s nearness to the reception venue – As much as possible choose a wedding location close to your reception site. It avoids delay due to traffic or inconvenience due to an unexpected rain.

2. Determine if it has ample parking space – The guests should be relaxed to enjoy your wedding and having a problem in finding a parking space can hamper that mood. Make sure also it is in a friendly neighborhood where cars can be parked safely.

3. Choose a wedding location with ample space – This is necessary especially if you plan to have a well-decorated venue. Space allows you to decorate freely to your heart’s desire to make the moment really beautiful and for that effect on your wedding pictures.

4. Check the church for availability of electric fans, especially during hot seasons – If your wedding falls on a hot day see to it that your church location provides ample electric fans. We don’t want the couple and guests all sweaty, with the ladies having oily or shiny faces. Remember, there are the picture-takings and reception to follow yet.

5. For an outdoor wedding, check trees beforehand for harmful insects or caterpillars – This may sound unnecessary but once you or your guests get affected by these insects or caterpillars then, the damage is bound to “infect” the wedding scene.

6. Don’t forget the ants when planning an outdoor wedding – Again, this may sound trivial but once some guests, especially children, get a taste of this during the wedding it will also damage the scenario.

These are tips which are actually very practical. If you follow them, you can really avoid minor disasters which may affect the wedding and all. We only want joy for that special day for all the people present on your once-in-a-lifetime union.

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